At Schell Brothers, we are all about showing gratitude for each other! We have a company tradition to “give kudos” to those who stand out and acknowledge how much we appreciate them. We decided to take this tradition to the public.

Project Kudos is about telling someone they’re amazing and feeling awesome about it. It’s about positivity, good vibes, and acknowledging all that shines around you. We have so many different people and places and things to be grateful for, but sometimes we forget to show it.

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We challenge you to hop on this crazy ride with us and help make someone’s day a little brighter. Give a kudos to someone who deserves it. Let someone know they are awesome. Be a positive force.

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Why should you care? As we watched the positive effects of giving kudos manifest themselves amongst our team at Schell Brothers, we thought, why not create a movement? Why not take our good vibes and spread them to other companies and individuals? In a world with so much negativity festering, we want to throw out as much positivity as we can muster and watch it grow. And we want you to help us.

We are so excited to collaborate with Harry K Foundation, Mountaire Farms and state and non-profit agencies to help our community in this time of uncertainty. Every Friday the Project Kudos Bus will be delivering food and goodies to in-need neighborhoods in Sussex County. A huge thank you to these companies and our volunteers for making this happen! We know this is a difficult time for a lot of people, but together we can make a difference in our community.

Want to contribute? You can drop off non-perishables any time in front of our main office. Your donations are greatly appreciated!
We are practicing safe social distancing and are wearing gloves and masks while packaging and delivering these items, and the bus has been professionally disinfected.
Kudos to all of you for staying strong and coming together in tough times!
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